Saturday, August 4, 2007


It is so hot out this weekend, I'm not sure what we're going to do. I was thinking we'd go see Sis and maybe do a little g-saling. I want to get Little M's pics. But it is So hot out... I'm thinking even if we go (here shortly), then we'll likely just stay in.

M is in her bouncy chair right now. I *opened* the new swing last night... but, alas, didn't have the guts to try to put it together! It will get done soon, though. :)

There isn't too much to report or write about I guess. I'll take some more pics soon, I'm sure. Little M is doing great and I think we're both glad to have the weekend to hang out together. Ok, she might not realize it yet, but she seems to be happy, nonetheless.


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  1. If it's too hot, don't do anything that will you or little Mia sick. I've acclimated to Vegas weather, so temps. of 112 or above don't bother me as much (this is a desert and everything here is manmade and unnatural).

    Tell baby Mia I once had a bouncy chair that I used to love. Unfortunately, I got severe diaper rash and had to stop until it all went away. But now, two weeks later, I’m all healed, switched to Huggies and ready to start bouncing again:) Maybe one day Little Mia and I can have a bouncy contest (I think she’d whoop me).