Sunday, August 12, 2007

Relaxing Play

My baby at play:Sleepy girl:

This weekend has been nice. Although, I've got a headache and have to work at 7am tomorrow. I'm pretty bummed about that, but Little M and I have had a mostly relaxing weekend, and I've enjoyed that.

Maggi is doing well, too. She's getting better with the baby, a little more each week.

Please pray for my step-nephew (who was diagnosed with lymphoma) and for Little M and me these next couple of weeks (my awful schedule).

The house is a wreck, so, I'm off to take more headache meds and clean.



  1. My prayers for your nephew. I think one of the best times (but NOT the only time) to say them is immediately upon hearing news like that. Your work schedule seems grueling, and I know your concerned more about a lengthy separation between you and Baby M. But you know, I think infants, no matter what the experts say, are extremely perceptive. They can feel love not just visually but auditorially, and through their bodies (gentle hugs, kissing and caress). And I think such affection stays with them through the time you are away. You’re a good mom -if not EXCELLENT- and I think she knows and remembers where the love in her life comes from. That being said, I sure wish they let work from home.

    So baby M likes to dance? WOW! Just a wee-one and already showing some talents! Does she, by any chance, dance to "I Go Poopie in My Diapies"? It's a great song, and someday she might actually sing it. I still do:) Here's a snippet:

    “I go poopie in my diapies
    from morning to beddy time,
    And when I’m done doing the poopie
    mom has to wipe my behind

    Yeah! Yeah!
    I go poopie in my diapies
    Yeah! Yeah!
    I go poopie in my diapies”

    Who ever wrote that is a genius

    Take care,

  2. My prayers are with you and your family...Hope all goes well with your nephew..
    Hope your work schedule goes okay..
    Love the pictures..