Thursday, August 9, 2007

I may regret this...but

I'm thinking of letting the baby sleep with me tonight. Ha. So there. She fell right asleep with me laying there, and I just don't feel like moving her (yes, I came downstairs and made sure she was surrounded by pillows in case she rolls too far). I know I don't have to justify... so, why do I feel like I have to justify?

Good heavens. I've got to get over this worry, worry, worry!!!!

Little M is teething and she's just been a bit crabby this week, too. She hasn't given me as much eye contact and she's been crying more (which for her, is a big deal). I try to keep the eye contact going, because if she doesn't give me that it can be a sign she's disassociating. Ok, now... I know she's doing pretty darn well overall. Those articles I read about attachment throughout the 18 month wait still linger. (as they should)

This only having about 2-3 hours a day (in the evening) is tough. I hope it gets easier. I wish work would be a little more understanding and let me work a few hours a week from home, but I don't see that happening right now. It's tough.

Ok, the good news... Little M 'cruised' tonight... she moved from one piece of furniture to another standing up... almost, dare I say, walking. Just almost. I let her crawl all over tonight. She is a mover alright!

I need Peace tonight.


  1. Hi Melissa, I've followed your blog since before you got your referral. Your daughter is the cutest baby! We just received our referral on 8/3 and will more than likely be going to Nanning (our daughter is from the Yulin SWI, but currently in foster care). Do you have any advice you could offer about the area or any tips?

    Adoption Assistance

  2. I think you should do whatever feels right. Eliza is able to switch from my bed to her bed without difficulty. We both sleep better when she is in her bed, but there are nights that I can't function at 2 am and she ends up in bed with me.
    Your baby is beautiful!


  3. Hey, i can't find your email...where is it?


  4. I'm a long-time reader of your blog, but I'm not sure if I've ever commented or not.

    I am a FIRM believer in co-sleeping, so this is a great one for me to comment!

    Family beds are the custom in almost every country in the world. In the U.S.? Definitely not! You hear all kinds of things from the experts about why NOT to do it....including the worry of SIDS, but guess what? The U.S. is #1 (by far) in SIDS cases.

    Look in nature. Do any other mammals give live birth and then have their babies sleep a barn away? Don't think so. Do you think God intended babies to be INSIDE a mother for nine months and then sleep completely separate from her the next night? Do you think God intended for children to soothe themselves to sleep? If so, why did He give them a cry?

    I say you do what YOU feel is best. If it's easier for you, go for it. Especially because WHY is it easier? Could it be that SHE sleeps better with you? If SHE feels more comfortable, then how is that a bad thing?

    I'm not your family or your friend, but I say you don't have to justify your decisions as her mother.

    Okay...there's my soapbox.

    P.S. If she sleeps better OUT of our bed, then I would be all for that, too. I'm pro child, not necessarily pro co-sleeping. :)

  5. So glad to see that I didn't get blasted!!! :) You all are the best!

    I transferred little M to her bed last night after I went back upstairs. But, you know, I might let her sleep with me on occasion. She does seem to sleep just fine either place, so far... I'm more the one who doesn't sleep as well when she's in the bed with me, 'cause I'm paranoid she'll wake up and roll off the bed. So, I sleep pretty light, then.

    I know I shouldn't have to justify... it is a hard thing to stop, but I'm trying!! :)


    PS. Hannah, you should be able to see my email now, I hope. I added it to my profile (temporarily).

  6. You do not need to justify your parenting of Mia. You do what you feel is right for you.


  7. I also believe in co-sleeping. Follow your heart. It will help with attachment...and give you some extra time to bond. My son co-slept with me and is now perfectly content to sleep on his own in his own bed...though he still comes into my room early am every morning for a cuddle.
    Take care, I've enjoyed following your journey!

  8. I'm a fan of the family bed. I plan on having one when my daughter comes home. I've read that it helps with attachment, but I remember as a kid climbing in my mom's bed early in the morning after my dad had gone to work. I loved that time with her.