Friday, August 24, 2007


This one goes out to two very special bloggy friends. You are So know who I'm speaking of, right? Kris and Tom. Really. I thought the package I got yesterday was something I ordered and when I went to open it (without looking at the return address, go figure!), it was from YOU!!! OMG. The bag and bracelet are just so darn cute. I can't wait to use it (and will fill it tonight, hehe). It is beautiful. Really. It really lifted my spirits (after feeling like out here alone). I can not express how much it meant to me.

I wish you both could be here to celebrate Sugar Plum's 1st birthday with me!! (if the bracelet is for her, she's gonna have to wait to wear it... 'cause it fits Mama!!! hehehe) I might even have it engraved with both our names, 'cause that was just very cool. (it is on my arm, as i write!)

I sort of had my own therapy shopping thing today... got Buttercup a couple of things for her birthday, including a couple new dresses and outfit. :) I Promise to post pics as soon as I can!!!

Thank you all for being so encouraging today, too. I'm still quite bummed, in general, but I'm trying to get out of it.



  1. I'm so glad you liked it! You know, the one who really deserves special kudos here is our friend Kris. If I had selected the gift. Mia would have ended up with a pair of army boots and a football (sorry, but us guys just aren't good at picking ANYTHING). So, with your thanks to Kris, I too attach mine :D Thanks Kris!

    So you say your from old Kentucky? Well Emma Sue, I sho' wish I done gone through them purddy state a time or two. I hea’ them trees and grass go well together. Say, have you seen Jethro? I gave that feller an empty bucket and told him to go fetch me some electricity. That was two moons ago!


    Take care (ya'll),

    Take pics!

  2. Hey !

    Missed you this afternoon ... must have taken a POWER lunch ! .... This is my first comment to you ... so be easy on me :)

  3. Welcome, Scott!!! Hope to see you Sunday!

    I sort of had to get out of work.... so, yes, long lunch. ;-)


  4. Yea! You got it! I'd just emailed Tom tonight worried- and holy cow I thought that was a keychain! Duh.
    Glad you get to actually wear it!!

    And I'm so glad you liked it... I always just pick something I know I would love- seems to work! :O)

  5. When your life changes so dramatically as yours has even though it is for the best reason, Mia, there is bound to be a down period. Happy birthday to Mia and it will get better.