Wednesday, October 31, 2007

10/31 Anniv....BOOH!

Today was Little M's first official Halloween. We spent it at home. We handed out some candy, and she was dressed in her Bengals jersey. :) I didn't put the ladybug outfit back on her. She was tired and a little cranky from big day she had yesterday.

She had cheese and toast, a bottle and some milk out of a cup for dinner. She wore her "My first Halloween" bib that Aiyee Mimi gave her! :) The milk she had was pretty minimal, but she drank it from a cup with no lid. I held it, of course, but I made it kind of a part of dinner for the first time (officially). She kept laughing at me. That's pretty normal! haha.

Today is also my LID from 2 years ago. I had an 18 month wait. I'm thankful I didn't have to wait 24 months, and that she's been with me since June. For those of you who are still waiting, please don't give up. I am SO thankful I waited and Lil' M is just a blessing. I can't believe it was 2 years ago today that China accepted my application and I was officially logged in... and what's more amazing is that we're family now. Really. I get cranky sometimes, and days like today make it ALL worth it.

She is amazing. Really.



  1. Well, Happy Halloween to Itty-Bitty Lil' Mia, or Pumpkin on Halloweens!

    Hey, what are ghosts' favorite kind of streets?

    Dead ends!!

    Hope you don't get any late night trick-or-treaters. Lock your doors and be careful who you open them to.

    What is a vampire's least favorite food?


    I think I'm going to be a tad bit mischievous and trick-or-treat at my next door neighbors. He's giving full size Snickers to the first few who show up.

    What kind of gum do ghosts chew?

    Boo Boo Gum!!

    Again, have a Happy Halloween!!

    What did you dress Marge as? I think he’d make a good Lassie or Spuds Mackenzie!


  2. Hi Mia and Mamma M .... I'm glad the two of you had a great "first" Halloween together ... first for Mia and first for you .. Melissa ... being a Mamma on Halloween!!!!

    Good things come to those who wait !!! or should I say "GREAT" things .... Mia was definately worth the wait !!!!!

    Your Lil' M is truly a blessing !!!

    enjoy your "First" Halloween

    Bix !