Tuesday, October 16, 2007


So, apparently my furnace blower motor was bad. It had smoked up really bad on Friday night (so bad, I thought it might catch on fire), and it's just on the verge of getting cold out... so, with the baby, we've got to have heat!! Well, and those of you who know me... I MUST have heat, too!! :)

The furnace guy is here now... he's going to let me know if anything else is wrong. Oh, and check the AC to see why it has been leaking. Let's pray it doesn't cost a fortune.

Little M is glad for the extra Mama time this morning. :)

It rained overnight. We need the rain. I got out last night and 'cut the grass'.... actually, just put the bag on and mulched up the leaves. That worked MUCH better than me having to rake!! :) I'll likely have to do it again this fall, but it was worth it. My friend, Joe, suggested I do that last year, but it was too late and too many leaves. I caught it early this year. Woot!

I'll update about the furnace in a bit...

**Update: The furnace just needed the new blower motor. It is fixed now. Very glad about that. I'm also thankful that this happened when it wasn't so cold out. 'Cause at least it wasn't too terribly cold this time of year, they got out to fix it quickly and it wasn't horribly expensive. So, thank you, God. :)



  1. hey there, M

    I'm glad you got your furnace fixed. It's a must do ...even though it hurts financially .... I hate those unexpected expenses !!

    Enjoy your new fixed furnace !!!! Y'all will be nice, warm and cozy !


  2. Seems when it rains it pours. Hope it is fixed soon.