Friday, October 19, 2007

Temp or not

Even though Little M isn't feeling 100%, I had to take some pics of our 4 month Family Day Anniversary. I just wish she was feeling better. She's smiling 'cause I convinced her to play Pat-a-cake. :)

I even got the pups in the next one, too.

God, I love that smile. I'm happy to be your Mama, Little M. Happy 4 months. :) (last temp was 99.5)



  1. Those smiles are absolutely precious. Glad the fever is down a bit! :0)

  2. That first picture is Mia concluding the Allegro portion of some great Symphony!

    Poor sicky-pooh Mia:( Gotta get better, although she does look lively. That is a good sign.

    Good shots a Maggi and Marge. They definitely make cute friends, but NOTHING more than that. I should tell you that when we talk of Marge we speak in doggy years, so things will be moving fast in the next few months. Like I wrote to you once, if I keep calling him Marge, he will eventually find his calling in New York as a fashion critic for some major metropolitan magazine (probably Vouge or Vanity Fair). He will own an amazing apartment which he will share with his "friend" Harold. Harold will be loved by your family like a second Marge. Marge will make lots of money, retire you early, and you, Mia, and Maggi will never have to worry about thing! And the best part of all this is the fact that only names with “M’s” stay in the family (with the exception of Herold).

    WOW! What a great prediction.

    The one who really deserves credit in all this, of coarse, is Tom. I’m th one who began calling him Marge causing enough befuddlement to send him in the right direction. Ain’t I a nice guy!?


  3. Wow, it hardly seems possibly that it is only 4 months! Can you remember what life was like before Mia?

  4. I just read through all your posts and I'm so sorry she's not feeling well, poor thing! I can't believe how much she's changed in just 4 months... happy anniversary, a bit late! She's so damn cute!!