Saturday, October 27, 2007

Christmas in Oct.

Lil M's FIRST-ever Christmas Celebration, albeit, in October!!! :) The first pic is of us and my cousin Jamie and her daughter Taley. Maybe it's just me, but I dare say that we look about the same age here!

No, Lil M, you *can't* eat your number! You need that to get your next present!!! :P) (we played the white elephant gift exchange.)

Oh, what a pretty doll for my doll-baby!!!!!

Mama, can I have the box? It's just my size!!!!!
Sis and Chase. Here, with Doodles his favorite Poodle puppy. :)

Very happy smile from Sis! :)


Yes, we played matchey-matchey that night. Lil M and I wore pink and Sis and Chase wore red. :) It was fun. Mia was sick and we didn't stay too long. Then she got even sicker... but let's not beat that horse.



  1. Awwww... how fun! And I just love seeing pics of your cutie pie!

  2. Great pics! Great gifts for baby Mia. Her doll looks an awful lot like mine:) Oh goody!

    How about we name her...Maddi. It's like Maggi but with the two "g" turned upside down! LOL!

    Another "M" in the household.