Friday, October 26, 2007

Great story

Here's a great post from Sis. (This one is for you, Tom!) hehe.


  1. Melissa-

    Can you guys really read??! That's great! No wonder you guys are making so much many strides;) I'll tell you what, I grant thee permission to read this and think.

    OK, I've pushed my luck more than enough with my smart-alecky sense of humor, so I better get serious with my comments before something (gulp!) happens to me.

    It's a great article your sister posted and it details changes that are long over due. I'm not trying to sound to agreeable or nice or politically correct, but I was never raised to believe that women were inadequate and men superior. I know there are differences between men and women, but these differences a good and I thank God for them:)

    Look how strong you are. You are practically what keeps your household together. You wage war on multiple fronts and take these challenges with great courage (Mia is going to grow up to be just like you). I know men who couldn’t do 1/4 of the things you do.

    I was raised by my mother, so this male superiority and female inferiority was never something I was infused with.


  2. I forgot to mention, I'm still going to kid with you as much as I can, so no amount "moving on up" can change that. LOL!