Saturday, October 27, 2007

14 months

Lil M is 14 months old today. :) Not monumental... just a little reminder of how fast she's growing. Months are flying by.

She seems to be feeling a little better. Still coughing, but not as much. We're staying in this weekend, trying to recuperate from the week. The pups and Manna seem to be glad we're all home for the weekend, too.

Nothing much on TV. Just been cleaning and trying to rest. The pups seem to want to play with Mia, and vice versa. I do find that cute.


1 comment:

  1. You know, it's a funny coincidence because today I'm 14 months older, too! What are the odds?

    Anyway, I'm glad Sweet Pea is doing better. I wish that cold would go away and leave her alone. It's quite possible she may have caught it from some of the other children in daycare. Oh well, it's almost impossible to avoid. Just have to keep a close eye on her and apply lots of TLC (which we all know she gets).

    Marge, Maggi, and Manna (see how harmonious those three names read when they all start with an 'M"?), I take it are homebodies. Well, since you are going to be home this weekend, I recommend a good thriller or a good horror flick. We are in the season and you have the lil’ doggies and kitty (is this proper Old Kentucky lingo?) to keep you company. Just make sure Baby Mia doesn’t get scared ;)

    I’m off to a Halloween party at a friends house. Will TRY to behave!