Thursday, October 4, 2007

L&O Criminal Intent

Ok, I admit it... I've really started to love CI. Great show. I'm so glad that USA took it over and the new season started tonight!! WOOHOO. I stayed up past my bedtime just to watch it. :) hehe. I'm going to regret it tomorrow... Oh, I watched Survivor China tonight, too... it's ok. Not too much about China on there. But it's pretty good.

So, speaking of tomorrow, got to try to get Mr. Skippy to the Vet tomorrow for his snip-snip surgery. Before 8am. Yeah right. :( Oh, and I'm supposed to be at work by 8am too. Great fun.

But it'll be Friday. And I got to see the first CI on USA tonight! :)

Little M fell asleep early again tonight. She is definitely still not feeling very well. bummer.



  1. Hope Little M is feeling better.

    Good luck Mr. skipping for a couple of day or soooo.

  2. I didn't get Mr Skippy to his appt this morning... I've got to reschedule. Little M had a slight fever again and I was exhausted. Plus, tomorrow morning I've got family things to do for my Aunt's passing.