Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Boy, did I set myself up for a LOT of pressure. I mean... what the Hell was I thinking? I couldn't possibly be normal and find a man and get married... NOOOOOOOOO, I had to become a single mom, with two dogs, a house, a cat... ok, the biggies are the house and the baby. Not only do I have put a roof over my own head... I've got another little person to think about. And, overall, that isn't a problem.... but, this job thing really stinks... really. And I'm so worried. (nothing's happened yet, but I just feel like the other shoe is getting ready to drop) I haven't been this worried in a long time. No pressure. No worries. I guess I should have known that it couldn't be easy.

PLEASE pray for me. (and the meeting I have Monday with the bosses)

God, I need your Peace right now.


  1. Newsflash: NOBODY is "normal." Just look at who you are dealing with at work. Where I work there is a higher-up that finds the fullness of his social interactions at work and no place else. He lives for his job and I’m quite convinced his never kissed a girl. How sad.

    Sorry about the man thing, but he’s out there somewhere. You might have to go looking for him instead of waiting for him to come along. Hey, here’s an idea! Date your boss and kill two birds with one stone!

    Just make sure he likes Baby Mia.

    Stay positive and strong. Bad times CAN”T last forever.


  2. Oh man how did I miss all these posts? Hang in there. Let God carry some of this. He feeds the birds, provides for the animals in the wild. He'll see you through this.