Tuesday, October 30, 2007

My Favorite Ladybug!

Happy FIRST Halloween Lil M Ladybug!!!! :) I love you. xoxo

Here is Lil M with Gramma and Grandpa, Mama, Aiyee Mimi and Chase (the Pirate!!). Definitely big fun. Lil M wasn't sure what this whole outfit change was about, but she seemed to like her ladybug dress. :) She smiled at people and waved when she got candy. We wrapped her up really well, and dressed her like an Eskimo! haha. It was pretty great, and definitely a wonderful "first" for Mama. *big grin*

Aiyee Mimi crawlin' with Lil M....

The Great Pirate tryin to get Lil M to look at Mama!!!

Grandpa and Lil M *after* the big night! Costume's off!



  1. What a CUTIE!! That is the most ADORABLE lady bug I've ever seen! And when she has her complete outfit on with the hood over her head, she looks like the cutest little lady bug about to break into something. LOL!

    That's one baby you want to baby!

    BTW, it's nice to see your nephew wasn't influenced negatively by "someone else" and can show affection to Baby M:)


  2. Um, I should have written "ladybug" not "lady bug."

    It's the effects from the Halloween party I went to this past weekend (hicup!).


  3. Cute cute cute! Wish you guys were knocking on my door! Happy Halloween!

  4. Happy First Halloween Lil' M - Ladybug !!!! and ... Happy first Halloween as a mamma Mamma' M !!!

    I hope you and your family had the greatest of times.

    SBix !

  5. She is adorable. I would say wait til next year but Glenys didn't really enjoy it until this year.