Friday, October 26, 2007

Still coughing

It was said by Tom that Lil M probably hasn't ever felt this sick before... I bet you're right!!! I hope it is a first for her, even though I wish she never had to go through it, ever! She is still coughing, but it isn't *as bad* as it has been. It still sounds pretty bad, though. Today was her last day of antibiotic. So, if she's still coughing tomorrow morning, I'm callin the Dr. again.

Yes, pups make a mess. Skippy surely didn't know about Lil M's illness! He is doing better. The cone had to come off, he was MISERABLE. Please pray he doesn't get infected or anything.

Lil M got to hang out with Auntie Ellen last night. She must have had fun and felt very comfortable, because she fell asleep on Ellen! :) She didn't even want to wake up when I got in. She was SO tired this morning! Thank you, Ellen, for bringing me dinner and letting me go get my hair done without making Lil M go. :)

We're laying low this weekend. I'm not feeling so hot, either. It's been a long week.

Oh, my friend Joe is sick too. Healing thoughts, Joe. I hope you feel better really soon.


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  1. Melissa, I didn't see this post the first time i visited your blog today.

    Poor Baby Mia. TLC helps out, but call the doctor if she isn't better. My concern is the whooping cough. I'm not sure how it's acquired, but for babies it's extremely dangerous. Keep us posted, will ya? Will keep Little Mia in my prayers.