Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Now, I don't know if "Xian" and "Xi'an" are exactly the same, but when I did a search for Xian, I found the following interesting:

The two Chinese characters in the name "Xi'an" literally mean "Western Peace".

As one of the most important cities in Chinese history, Xi'an is one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China for it has been the capital of 69 dynasties, including the Zhou, Qin, Han, and the Tang. Xi'an is also renowned for being the eastern terminus of the Silk Road and for the location of the Terracotta Army made during the Qin Dynasty. The city has more than 3,100 years of history. It was called Chang'an (Traditional Chinese: 長安; Simplified Chinese: 长安; pinyin: Cháng'ān; literally "Perpetual Peace") in ancient times.

Now, Mia isn't *from* Xi'an. Her given name in China was Xian. So, I thought I would look up the meaning/history I could find. I find it very cool that the word "Peace" came up twice, so far. :)



  1. I think another translation of Xian is .... "Mia completes you" or "Mia's indefinate love for you". I also think that "Western Peace" is most appropriate as well.

    I love history ... tell me more :)

    See ya tomorrow !


  2. ..."infinate love for you"

    I forget how to spell !

  3. one more time .... "infinite love for you" .... Geeze ... I used to be so good at spelling .... stupid computer job !

    moments gone !

    I hope you know what I was intending.

    Geeze !

  4. I do, Scott!! Thanks. :) You're funny!!!

    I will look up more information, 'cause it intrigues me too.