Tuesday, October 9, 2007

3 in one day, oh my!

This is my 3rd post for today... lots to think and write about, I guess.

For example... my dogs. Yes, I said Dogs. You see, you all have seen Maggi and heard about her for months... She'll even be a year old on November 8. She's a hoot! She is excitable... fun... playful... great with Little M. She is gorgeous. Really. Biased or not! :) I really love her. She's a great dog. She'll always be high-energy, and I'm totally OK with that. I can't wait to run with her...

Then there is Skippy. Skippy came to us because my friend Sue decided to let me foster him a few months ago... just to see how things'd go. He seemed friendly enough, but totally afraid of everything. Oh, and he's gorgeous too. But in a very... hunting dog kind of way!! haha. I had to take him back when I went to China. I wasn't sure after that if I could handle two dogs, a cat and a baby. Well... Sue hadn't found Skippy a home yet, as of a few weeks ago. So, crazy me... I told her I'd take him. Foster him, or keep him (more likely) if things worked out. He's great. He's lazy... he's good with Little M... he's good with Maggi... he's really coming around. He needs lots more socialization, but you know, I guess that'll come in time. It didn't have to all happen in one day. And he's really good for Maggi. She has someone to romp and play with.

So, there you have it. I'm crazy. I needed TWO dogs like a hole in the head. But, I like him. And if I didn't... trust me, he'd have to find another place to call home. I guess since I went out and got him his very own crate (only sleeps in it during the day, 'cause he sleeps in my room at night).... he's got to stay! HAHA. How's *that* for reasoning?!!

But, boy, does he have stinky gas. Oooweee.

Oh, Little M likes both dogs and the cat. It only took her a couple of months to warm up to them and to get to play with them. It is very cute. :) She even played with Manna (the 13 year old cat) the other day, and Manna LET HER!!! Wow. That was just very exciting. :D Proud Mama moment, indeed.

See... I'm not ALL doom and gloom.

God loves me. He love you, too.


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  1. That's what it's all about- one big happy family:-)

    I'm still waiting for that Tom and Jerry moment to arrive and you posting about it. You know, the one where Manna is chased by Maggi, Maggi in turn is chased by Skippy, Skippy is chased by Mia, and you chase after all of them yelling, "Stop! Stop! Cut it out you guys!" LOL!