Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, Monday

We had an interesting weekend. It started off with the furnace acting up. So, I loaded the pups and the baby in the car and we went to Sis' house. I have since call a furnace place, and they're going to try to get to my house by tomorrow.

We got to Sis' house at about 3am Friday night. Oh joy. Oh poop. And I do mean poop. Her foster pup, Ebby, had 2 accidents in the house that I had to clean up. :( Then Maggi had one yesterday. So, they all got medicine. I'm hoping that works!!

We had a pretty enjoyable, relaxing weekend overall. Sis and Little M and I went to the store to get exicitng things like food and diapers. Sis' friend's daughter, Abbi, came with us. It was a nice afternoon. We found a couple of garage sales. At the last one of the day we ended up with all kinds of stuff for $.50...for all of it. There were probably 3 boxes and a silver metal shelf for Sis.

Yesterday, we all slept in and then got some cleaning and grocery shopping done. But it was nice. I am hoping that the furnace person can come out today, so I don't have to worry about it getting too cold at night. Little M is not used to the cold yet, and I want to make sure she doesn't have to sleep in it yet. Plus, winter is just around the corner. This has to be fixed now! :)

Oh!! The *big* purchase of the weekend was the new LeAnn Rimes CD!!! WOOOHOOO. It is great. It was on sale at Target for 9.98. Very nice.

My friend, Joe, got us registered for the Turkey Trot next month. So, I guess I need to get RUNNING. :)


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  1. Good to hear you had a nice weekend. Say, if my dog makes a mess outside potty-approved-territory, can I give you a call? With Mia, Maggi, and Marge you must be an expert by now! LOL!

    On a serious note, how is your sister handling the custody recommendation? Is it final? Can she fight it with a chance of winning?

    The best of luck to you guys.